Employment Law (Vol 3 of Pastor, Church & Law)

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By Richard R Hammar (2007)

If you're not a church don't let the title stop you - the information in this book is applicable to any Christian organization!

Don't let the date fool you - it's up to date on all all the laws that are impactful in 2012.

Churches and other Christian organzations don't always think of themselves as employers. Yet this is one of the key roles Christian organizations play. So as an employer, are you subject to the same legal obligations that apply to secular employers? Some laws do not affect the church because of the separation of church and state. However, in most cases the church and other Christian organizations are held to the same laws as secular employers. So what is your organization's legal responsibility to employees? Protect your organization from employment litigation by keeping this resource on hand to help you address these key employment law topics:
-Selection of Employees
-Discrimination Law
-Immigration Laws
-Workers Compensation
-Federal Employment & Civil Rights Laws
-Fair Labor Standards
-Termination Requirements

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