Interview Power (Tom Washington) - DVD

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Tom uses video to show you how to successfully impact the interviewer. He takes key concepts, stories and anecdotes from his book Interview Power: Selling Yourself Face To Face and lets you see and hear how to best perform in an interview. This video will enable you to get job offers that previously might have gone to your competition
This video continues to have the same impact as when first released in 1995. Because it emphasizes the universal truths about interviewing, this video teaches the principles that are unchanging over time.

"Anyone using these techniques will increase their self-confidence and effectiveness in selling themselves at an interview. The systematic approach given in this video provides the best method I’ve seen for fully preparing for successful interviewing."
John Knapp, human resources consultant

"Every question you’re likely to get about “Why should we hire you?” is covered with practical examples. It sets you up for no-surprise interviews."
Jack Chapman, author of Negotiating Your Salary: How To Make $1000 a Minute

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