Leadership Skills Inventory - Self (LSI-S)

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Effective and successful leadership is not an accident and requires specific and measurable leadership skills. Organizations, teams, and families are always a reflection of the competence of the individuals leading them.

This 20-page Leadership Skills Inventory-Self (LSI–Self) provides leaders with the necessary metrics to develop their transformational leadership skills with a section provided to plan for your leadership development.

Use it to:

  • Establish agreement to the 12 Transformational Leadership Principles
  • Assess the level of functioning in each of the five leadership skills sections, which include the following:
  • Self-Management Skills
  • Interpersonal Communication Skills
  • Coaching and Problem-Management Skills
  • Consulting and Team Development Skills
  • Organizational Development Skills
  • Evaluate proficiency in any of the 60 Transforming Leadership Skills
  • Confirm perceptions of your leadership skills as others see you, using the LSI–Others 360° feedback, tool
  • Determine required professional development for executive succession
  • Outline framework and focus for leadership coaching
  • Identify required skills for success in any leadership or supervisory role

CRG’s Transforming Leadership model, on which the LSI–Self is designed, continues to be validated in various leadership research. Most recently, the work that Jim Collins conducted for his book Good to Great aligns with the LSI–Self model and competencies.

The Leadership Skills Inventory–Self supports anyone in a leadership or supervisor role to first benchmark then outline specific steps to increase and improve his or her leadership effectiveness.

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