Recruit, Inspire & Retain Great Employees

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20 or so 5 minute segments with just what you need to recruit, inspire, train and retain great employees.  Many have called it "a consultant in a box"!  Listen only to the section you need right now!

Listen as Carolyn B. Thompson, President and Founder of TRAINING SYSTEMS INC, helps you learn how to attract quality applicants, develop employees' skills and inspire them to perform. You will also hear from several highly successful and dynamic business people, as well as other TRAINING SYSTEMS, as they share their tips.

Use Recruit, Inspire and Retain Great Employees:
"We bought one for each of our supervisors and they listen to just the segments they need to deal with a particular issue. It's like a ‘consultant in a box’!" Dee Arnett, Carnett, Inc.


"This audio is a fresh approach to handling many volatile employee situations."

Tom Biltgen, Sir Speedy Printers



  • to provide one to each of your supervisors
  • as a consultant in a box, having them listen to the sections they need before taking action
  • for short training sessions
  • as subject information when you’re designing training
  • as audio in group training
  • to learn during drive time