Sales Style Indicator (SSI)

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Selling is one of the most important skills people should develop. It does not matter what our job or role is—we are all involved in selling. We are all selling our ideas and desires to others.

The Sales Style Indicator (SSI) is a powerful sales communication and learning tool that can instantly improve the performance and results of any sales or customer service professional. This 20-page self-administered and self-scored assessment helps you and your sales team discover their natural selling style while instantly providing these same sales professionals a framework to determine clients' preferred buying styles. Participants identify their specific SSI style pattern(s), which assists them to instantly understand their strengths and potential challenges so they can be more effective sales, sales managers, and customer service professionals.

Use the SSI to:
• Assess Natural Sales Styles
• Understand the Different “Buying” Styles
• Increase your Power to Influence
• Learn to Persuade with TRUST
• Develop Leadership skills
• Match the Right Salesperson to Different Situations

Use it for:
• Leaders and Managers
• Coaches, Trainers, Speakers
• Parents
• All Sales Professionals
• Politicians
• Job Placement Counselors

The Sales Style Indicator is available in French and Spanish.

Instantly know how to create a Win-Win scenario with your clients and team members—even your own family members! Become the honest, creative winner while helping others. Leave your competition in the dust!

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