Skill Wars: Winning the Battle for Productivity and Profit

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ôToo many CEOs and small business owners still just donÆt get it. Education and training is seen as something nice to do but of questionable bottom line benefit. They need measures of the value of the training and education they are providing, they say, but there arenÆt any that are truly reliable. Ed Gordon clearly and succinctly outlines why the skills of the American workforce have become the single most important factor in the competitiveness not only of individual companies, but of national economics.ö Joseph H. Boyette, co-author of Workplace 2000 & Jimmie T. Boyett, co-author of The Guru Guide You get... Human Capital ScoreboardTM, includes 7 business measurement tools, including a way to accurately calculate ROI for employee performance. Case studies of how quality training delivers problem-solving/thinking skills by Ed Gordon