The Leadership Genius of George W Bush (paperback)

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Carolyn B. Thompson and James W. Ware have it right ... leadership is about what one is, not just what one does. About character, not just charisma ... about credibility, not just credentials. This timely account of “The Leadership Genius of George W. Bush” will truly encourage and inspire readers.
Commissioner Robert A. Watson, Retired National Commander,
The Salvation Army, U.S.A. & author of
The Greatest Organization in the U.S.

George W. Bush has displayed a natural ability to lead. Through his skillful use of timeless management principles and his powerful people skills, Bush has proven to be a genius at leadership.

The Leadership Genius of George W. Bush reveals the unwavering leadership skills of the first President with an MBA and illustrates how he uses them to operate within the arenas of politics, business, and life. Carolyn B. Thompson and James Ware identify ten timeless qualities that have made Bush a great leader, breaking down each one so that you too can use these techniques in your own leadership quest–whether you are running a Fortune 500 company, the local school board, or your condo association.

Read in each thought-provoking chapter stories of his unique leadership actions gleaned from Bush’s political, professional, and personal endeavors. From owner of the Texas Rangers to President of the United States, these principles have propelled George W. Bush to the top and can do the same for you:

* Resume of a Leadership Genius
* Identifying core values
* Building alliances
* Having a vision
* Communication
* Building trust
* Being Disciplined & Focused
* Bringing in the right people
* Intuition
* Allowing those hired to do their jobs
* Getting results

Engaging and entertaining, The Leadership Genius of George W. Bush is a lively blend of professional accomplishments and personal beliefs. Clearly outlining the techniques that have made George W. Bush such an effective leader, this practical guide will help you develop the leadership skills necessary for success in today’s fast-paced world.

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